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Batik fabrics are made using a type of resist printing process in which wax is applied to the fabric in specific areas. Traditional batiks are made by drawing dots and lines with a spouted tool called a tjanting or using a copper stamp called a cap. Paint brushes are now utilized in some modern batiks. Once the design is drawn on in wax, the fabric is dyed.  The wax prevents the dye from reaching the fibers.  The process can be repeated multiple times for more intricate designs. The wax is then removed with boiling water.  



100s & 1000s by Hoffman

Bali Adrift by Benartex

Bali Quarry Hill by Benartex

Confection by Moda

Coral Reef by Robert Kaufman

Designer Batiks by Anthology

Dottie by Anthology

Elementals Batiks by Riley Blake

Expression Batiks by Riley Blake

Felicity by Moda

Fire And Ice by Moda

Frosting by Anthology

Hoffman Batiks

Lava & Basic Solids by Anthology

Majestic Batiks

Quilt Essentials by Anthology

Rainfall Batik Collection

Scarlet Flame by Anthology

Sparkle & Shine Batiks by Anthology

Summer Flowers by Robert Kaufman

Sunny Day by Robert Kaufman

Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Black Cherry by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Eclipse by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Fantasy by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Melody by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Merlot by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Passport by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Posey by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Smile by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Soleil by Timeless Treasures

Tonga Tropical by Timeless Treasures

Tropical Batiks by Michael Miller

Weave by Anthology


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