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Contribution Options

There are several ways that you can contribute towards the Quilts of Valor other than just coming to the QOV sew day at Serendipity. You can call the Delaware State Coordinators when you have a top or quilt to donate, and they can arrange with you to pick up your donation. 
Please pin a note on your donation item with your contact information. 

Delaware State Coordinators
Dana Mason – 302-448-9111 or
Marguerite Niemoeller – 240-498-3185 or

Option 1: You can make a quilt to donate to the Quilts of Valor. Featured on the bottom of this page are the basic requirements for a QOV quilt. If you click on the Quilts of Valor website link on this page, they have the whole process of how to make a quilt for a Quilts of Valor donation.

Option 2:
You can put the binding on a quilt for Quilts of Valor. The Delaware State Coordinators can make arrangements for you to pick up a QOV here at the shop with the material for doing binding.

Option 3:
If you are a Longarm Quilter, you can talk to the Delaware State Coordinators about possibly longarm quilting QOV's. 

Option 4:
Another way to contribute is through donations to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. QOV can always use fabric! They also accept sewing machines in good working order, which are used by the public during the QOV Days to make QOV quilt blocks. Quilts of Valor also accepts monetary donations, which help in continuing to buy thread and muslin for the QOV Days and also helps with the cost of shipping QOV's to the longarm quilters. If you would like to make a donation to the Quilts of Valor Foundation, please call the Delaware State Coordinators. 

Quilts of Valor at Serendipity

What is the Quilts of Valor?
The Quilts of Valor is a foundation thats mission is to cover ALL those service- members and veterans touched by war with Wartime Quilts called Quilts of Valor (QOVs). This foundation is not about politics. It's about people.  

During the Quilts of Valor Day we encourage you to bring your own sewing machine to use, if possible. We will have sewing machines set up for those who do not have a sewing machine as well as pre-cut fabric available for anyone who wants to come and make a quilt block or stay and make several that will go into a QOV quilt. 

We will have a predetermined block pattern that you will follow that is simple enough for anyone to use in making their block. No sewing experience needed! We have had men, women, and children attend and make a block. Some children even as young as 4 years old!

We will also have quilts that you may volunteer to bind. You may also choose to make a pillowcase. The pillowcases are used to put the Quilts of Valor in for distribution. If you do decide to make a pillowcase. You may also choose to bring your own fabrics, but we ask that you use only red, white, and blues to make your pillowcase. Look below for the fabric requirements to make a pillowcase.   Contact the Delaware State Coordinators for information on making the pillow cases.

Pillowcase Fabric Requirements:
27 x WOF (body)
11 x WOF (cuff)
2 x WOF (accent)

Stay tuned regarding information on future Quilts Of Valor Day events.  

Photo below taken 10/20/2018

Photos below taken 12/8/18

QOV Quilt Requirements


Do Not
Use high quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric

Use sheets, thin, stiff, or scratchy fabric.


Many free patterns are available on our website and on the web.

Make a wholecloth QOV unless you are a professional quality quilter.


Top:  Width 55” to 72”  by length 65” to 90”

Backing 3 to 4 inches larger on all four sides.

Make quilt top less than minimum or more than maximum.


Use straight cut or bias double fold binding.

Fold over backing and use as binding.


Machine or hand quilting in an appropriate design.

Balanced stitches of uniform size.

Quilt as you go; stitch in the ditch; tie; or do giant meander


Must include Quilt of Valor; blank for name of recipient.  Should include names of piecer and quilter.

Include advertizing, political or religious messages

Wash your quilt after it is quilted and bound.

Use a Color Catcher in the machine

Use scented laundry products

Quilts of Valor Foundation
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