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Finish It Club

Over the next year, each month, we will randomly choose from 12 pre-selected/pre-numbered projects we want finished.   Because the number picked is random DON'T included projects with 'need by' dates (birthday, Christmas, graduation gifts) or projects that have dependencies on other projects you are listing!

Find 12 - " tucked away", " UFO's", "WIP's, intentions, or ideas you have for projects that you would like to complete in the next year. Include your quilting, wool and needlework projects. Example:

●  In your 'stash' you have a pattern, fabric and some blocks made for a queen quilt.....goal is to finish top.
●  Or pattern and fabric for table runner....goal is to finish and quilt, ready for use.
●  If you've always wanted to make something (a bag, appliqué, wool project, a pineapple block) collect the info, fabrics and pattern for it (remember you only have a month to finish it) then describe your intentions and goal.

Gather your projects, label each and describe or take a picture of the starting point. Write out your end of the month goal and number them 1 - 12.

Each month we will pick a number. That will be the project to complete in that month. At the end of the month we must show our accomplishments (in person or send a picture). Show and tell at Saturday Breakfast Club the 1st Saturday of each month is usually the due date. 

PDF File of Project Sheet

Information for 2020:
Now is your chance to finish all (or some) of your unfinished projects in 2020!



Find 12 "tucked away", "UFO's", "WIP's", intentions, or ideas you have for projects that you would like to complete in the next year. Send us a list of your 12 projects. Each month we will pick a number. The project associated with the number we pick is the project to complete that month. At the end of the month, show your accomplishment in person or send a picture, or bring it to Show and Tell during the monthly Serendipity Saturday Social.



  • Your completed list must be sent to us (email, mail or in person) no later than 12/21/2019. Email your list to
  • The first number will be drawn on 1/2/2020. Those who have signed up and sent their lists will be notified by email.
  • The first project will be due on Saturday 2/1/2020. You can bring your completed project to Show & Tell at the Saturday Social that day!


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