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Finish It Club

Over the next year, each month, we will randomly choose from 12 pre-selected/pre-numbered projects we want finished. B ecause the number picked is random DON'T included projects with 'need by' dates (birthday, Christmas, graduation gifts)!

Find 12 - " tucked away", " UFO's", "WIP's, intentions, or ideas you have for projects that you would like to complete in the next year. Include your quilting, wool and needlework projects. Example:

●  In your 'stash' you have a pattern, fabric and some blocks made for a queen quilt.....goal is to finish top.
●  Or pattern and fabric for table runner....goal is to finish and quilt, ready for use.
●  If you've always wanted to make something (a bag, appliqué, wool project, a pineapple block) collect the info, fabrics and pattern for it (remember you only have a month to finish it) then describe your intentions and goal.

Gather your projects, label each and describe or take a picture of the starting point. Write out your end of the month goal and number them 1 - 12.

Each month we will pick a number. That will be the project to complete in that month. At the end of the month we must show our accomplishments (in person or send a picture). Show and tell at Saturday Breakfast Club the 1st Saturday of each month is usually the due date. 

PDF File of Project Sheet

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